Molecular, Inc.

No Damage to Landscape, Interior, or Exterior of Structures Before trenchless sewer repair, there would have been a team of people at your home or business digging a trench to uncover the area of broken pipe, or jackhammering their way through your bathroom floor. After repairing the problem that same team would fill up the trench or try to put things back in order. That’s an extremely time consuming process and you know you will be billed for all that time.

Raven produces versatile and proven wastewater coatings for restoration of deteriorated wastewater infrastructure. Our products offer superior protection from the most aggressive environments.

The Raven product-line includes ultra-high-build sprayable epoxies that provide excellent chemical resistance, adhesion and long-lasting service. Raven epoxies stop corrosion, eliminate infiltration and exfiltration and can be used to structurally rebuild severely damaged wastewater infrastructure